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White kitchen

White kitchen – a variant impractical, but improbably magnificent. The kitchen interior in white tones will turn out simultaneously bright and neutral. Such white kitchen looks fresh, quiet and harmonious. White walls, a ceiling and a light floor are very good for small-sized white kitchen. White colour visually expands space, and also adds to it ease and lightness.

White kitchen always was in a good graces set dressers is an ideal background for any colours. The snow-white background "collects" an interior together, uniting the most different details in the harmonious whole.

However, surplus of white colour in an interior can appear rather artful. Too many snow-white surfaces can lead to that the white kitchen will seem faceless and sterile. The monotonous interior without bright accents can become too sad. However, total white in design of kitchen becomes an absolute necessity if other rooms of apartment or the house are issued brightly, brightly, multicolor.

In this case the white kitchen arranged with white furniture, becomes a zone of rest, relaxations, the monochrome interior will give to eyes rest and will relieve of colour weariness. White colour has set of shades, they allow to make a monochrome interior brighter and expressional.

Colour of baked milk and an ivory, dairy, creamy, cream – all these shades of white colour will be ideally suited for the big surfaces.

Rather elegantly in an interior of white kitchen and a dining room silvery, nacreous and pearl shades will look.

To diversify kitchen of white colour it is possible, playing with different invoices. Glossy and matte, smooth and convex. Very interesting effects are given by wall-paper and a tile which simulate different materials: a fabric, a skin, a tree, a stone … the White furniture for kitchen is ideally combined with a natural tree both dark, and light shades.

Classical white kitchen are facades from a natural tree or CPD, table-tops from marble, a granite or an artificial stone simulating them, decorative eaves and figured handles from "old" metal, wood and artificial ageing, an antique decor and a patina, original stained-glass windows on glass inserts and elegant accessories.

The modern version of white kitchen – industrial style or hi-tech.

Laconic forms and pure lines, ideally smooth facades without handles, stainless steel, the glossy plastic, the tempered glass, the built in technics and a minimum of accessories.